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Terms of sale

We kindly ask you to carefully review and understand the Terms of Sale stated on this page before making any purchases from Purchasing any goods from our site means that you agree to these Terms of Sale. Rest assured that we are here to assist you and ensure a pleasant shopping experience.

在您從我們網站 購買商品之前,我們誠摯地請您仔細閱讀並了解本頁面上所列的銷售條款。當您在我們的網站購買商品時,表示您同意這些銷售條款。我們將全心全意為您提供協助,確保您擁有一個愉快的購物體驗。

We assure you that all our item are 100% Authentic.

All items in our store are genuine, with no authenticity issues.


We are not responsible for any manufacturing defects


Once a deposit has been paid or an item has been sold,

no refunds or exchanges will be accepted for any reason.


Goods & Availability

We strive to provide accurate images and descriptions of our goods. The images displayed on our website primarily consist of official product images. However, please note that product images are for illustrative purposes only and may have slight color variations from the actual product.

If an item is indicated as used or already framed, you can contact us to request actual photos of the item.

Please be aware that availability of goods cannot be guaranteed, and stock indications on our site may not always be accurate.


Order Placement Steps

Pricing and Payment

We reserve the right to change prices and to add, alter, or remove special offers from time to time and as necessary.  我們保留隨時更改價格、添加、修改或移除特別優惠的權利。

For Hong Kong customers , we accept payment via FPS (Faster Payment System), PAYME, or bank transfer.


For international customers, we accept payment via bank wire transfer.



Please be aware that international orders may be subject to relevant customs duties of the destination country. These duties are payable by you, the customer. Customs fees should be paid upon arrival and are in addition to shipping and handling costs. We cannot discount or reimburse you for these costs.


Self-pickup or Delivery

For Hong Kong customers 香港客戶 : 

Self-pickup at Tai Kok Tsui 

Delivery via SF Express / Van (shipping fees paid by the recipient)

大角咀自取 或 順豐快遞 (運費到貨) 或 客貨VAN

For international customers 國際客戶 :

SF Express (shipping fees paid by the recipient)

FedEx / DHL / EMS

All goods purchased through our site will typically be ready from our warehouse within 4 weeks of order, however, this may take slightly longer, particularly in the case of pre-ordered or framed works. We will always keep you informed of any delays during this period. 所有通過我們網站購買的商品通常會在下單後的4週內準備好,但對於預訂或已裝裱的作品,可能需要稍長的時間。在此期間,我們將隨時向您通報任何延遲情況。

We will provide you with information on the estimated time required to prepare the items. Please feel free to contact us before placing your order. 我們將向您說明準備貨品所需的時間,歡迎在下單前與我們聯繫。

Brand new items will be delivered in their original gallery packaging in an unopened condition. We will not open the packaging unless specifically requested in advance. 全新的物品將以其原始畫廊包裝未開封的狀態交付。除非事先明確要求,否則我們不會打開包裝。

Once we have delivered the goods to the address you have provided or after pick up, delivery will be considered complete, and the responsibility for the goods will transfer to you. 一旦我們將商品遞送至您提供的地址或取貨完成後,交付將被視為完成,商品的責任將轉移給您。

Self-pickup 自取

Due to the difficulty of inspecting collectible items upon pickup, we will conduct a thorough inspection and take photographs of each artwork in advance. We will then confirm the condition of the items with you based on the photos. If there are no issues after reviewing the photos, we will securely package the items for delivery. Therefore, we do not offer the service of opening and inspecting the items upon pickup, as they will already be carefully packaged. Additionally, we do not provide delivery services with on-site inspection. 由於取貨時檢查收藏品困難,我們會提早在取貨前仔細檢查每件作品並拍照,並與您確認作品狀態。如您看到照片後並沒有任何問題,會將物品安全包裝以適合運送。因此,我們不提供在取貨時打開檢查物品的服務,因為作品已妥善包裝。此外,我們亦不提供送貨上門並現場檢查服務。

Delivery 送貨



We will carefully package the items to ensure safe delivery. However, once the items are shipped, we are not responsible for any issues that may occur during transportation. We will assist in resolving any potential problems. It is recommended that you choose appropriate insurance to protect your purchased items during shipping. 我們將妥善包裝物品,確保安全運送。然而,一旦物品發出,運輸中的任何問題我們不承擔責任。我們將協助解決可能發生的問題。建議您在運送過程中選擇相應的保險以保護您的購買物品。

Refund Policy

All sales are final. If the goods are damaged during transit, please contact the shipping company to file a claim. We take feedback about damage and lost packages seriously, and assist you to find a suitable solution. 所有銷售皆為最終交易,若商品在運送過程中受損,請與運輸公司聯繫提出索賠。我們非常重視有關損壞或遺失包裹的反饋,並將協助您找到適當的解決方案。

After placing an order, we will consider issuing a refund in the following situations:

購買後,若出現以下情況,我們將考慮退款 :

Out of Stock 缺貨 

we are unable to provide the collectible item you ordered 我們無法提供您購買的藏品

Product Defect 產品瑕疵

If visible storage marks or damages are found when we prepare the goods and confirm the photos with you, and they do not match the condition described at the time of your purchase. 如果在我們準備藏品時發現可見的存倉痕跡或損壞,與您購買時所描述的狀態不符。

Thank you for your understanding

If you have any further questions or concerns,

please don't hesitate to contact us.


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